Clinical Perspectives on Meaning: Positive and Existential Psychology by Pninit Russo-Netzer, Stefan E. Schulenberg, & Alexander Betthyany

Chapter: “Multiculturalism and Meaning in Existential and Positive Psychology” by Louis Hoffman, Nathaniel Granger, Jr., & Monica Mansilla


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Chapter: “Emotion, Relationship, and Meaning as Core Existential Practice: Evidence-Based Foundations” by Louis Hoffman, Lisa Vallejos, Heatherlyn P. Cleare-Hoffman, & Shawn Rubin


The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology: Theory, Research and Practice by Kirk J. Schneider, J. Fraser Pierson, & James F. T. Bugental

Chapter: “Humanistic Psychology and Multiculturalism: History, Current Status, and Advancements” by Louis Hoffman, Heatherlyn Cleare-Hoffman, & Theopia Jackson

Chapter: “Toward a Sustainable Myth of Self: An Existenital Response to the Postmodern Condition” by Louis Hoffman, Sharon Stewart, Denise Warren, & Lisa Meek

Unearthing the Moment: Mindful Applications of Existential-Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychotherapy by Myrtle Heery

Chapter: “The Therapist’s Use of Poetry in Therapy: Deepening Relationship and Understanding Through Creativity” by Louis Hoffman


The Future of Humanistic Psychology by Richard House, David Kalisch, & Jennifer Maidman

Chapter: “Creativity and the Evolution of Humanistic Psychology” by Louis Hoffman, Ruth Richards, & Steven Pritzker


The Strength of Self-Acceptance: Theory, Research, and Practice by M. Bearnard

Chapter: “Humanistic Psychology and Self-Acceptance” by Louis Hoffman, Abraham Lopez, and Michael Moats


Explaining Evil by J. Harold Ellens

Chapter: “Existential-Integrative Perspectives on the Psychology of Evil” by Louis Hoffman, H. Juliett Warner, Christin Gregory, and Steve Fehl.



The Healing Power of Spirituality: Howe Faith Helps Humans Thriveby J. Harold Ellens

Chapter: “Culture, Religion, and Spirituality: How Spirituality Saved Religion” by Louis Hoffman, John L. Hoffman, Joy L. S. Hoffman, and Heatherlyn Cleare-Hoffman

Chapter: “The Dynamcis of Religious Experience and Psychology Health: An Existential-Psychodynamic Perspective” by Loius Hoffman, Glendon Moriarty, & Natilie Williamslon

The Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion by David Leeming

Encyclopedia Entry: “Interfaith Dialogue” by Louis Hoffman & Matt Thelen

Encyclopedia Entry: “Fundamentalism” by Louis Hoffman & Erica Palmer


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Chapter: “Are Miracles Essentials or Peripheral to Faith Traditions?” by Louis Hoffman & Katherine McGuire

Chapter: “The Miraculous in Mental Illness” by Louis Hoffman & Marika Kurzenberger

Chapter: “Spiritualizing the Unknown” by Louis Hoffman & Steve Fehl

Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy: Guideposts to the Core of Practice by Kirk J. Schneider

Chapter: “An Existential Approach to Working with Religious and Spiritual Clients” by Louis Hoffman


Low-Cost Approaches to Promote Physical and Mental Health by Luciano L’Abate

Chapter: “Spirituality in Achieving Physical and Psychological Health and Well-Being” by Len Sperry, Louis Hoffman, H. Richard Cox, & Betty Ervin-Cox