Beginning with the early days of psychology, a tenuous relationship emerged with spirituality and religion. Recent years brought new collaborative efforts to explore the relationships between these very different fields. Spirituality and Psychological Health represents a new direction in this movement. The authors begin with an exploration of the often neglected topic of psychological development and spirituality. Building upon this foundation, a variety of important issues including evil, ethnic and religious diversity, values, and therapeutic applications are discussed. Many of the contributors to this volume have backgrounds in both psychotherapy and the spiritual/religious disciplines making this a unique contribution to the field.

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This is a useful and important book that uniquely emphasizes psychological health and the developmental aspects of spirituality. Highly recommended.” –Len Sperry, author (with Lisa Miller), Spirituality in Clinical Practice: Theory and Practice of Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy

This is a book that both students and seasoned clinicians will find to be informative, practical, and illuminating –Glen Moriarty, PsyD, Regent University, author, The Pastoral Care of Depression