H. Newton Malony was my advisor when I attended the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary and became the first person who I would identify as one of my mentors. The opportunity to compile a book of his important works was enlightening and a personal blessing. This book contains various papers that Dr. Malony wrote, including some previously published papers as well as some previously unpublished papers. Dr. Malony was one of the very important figures in the development of interdisciplinary approaches to psychology, spirituality, and religion. Often, he has not received the credit he deserved, in part because his focus was always on the value of the work he was doing. As a humble scholar, he published well over 100 peer-reviewed articles as well as numerous books and book chapters; provided important leadership in professional organizations; and mentored many students into the profession of psychology.

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I have known Professor Newton Malony for more than forty years. l have great respect for the way his mind works and the wise positions he takes. He is at once stimulating and creative, historically thorough and futuristically insightful. I highly recommend any encounter with substantive material from his mind and pen.
–Neil Clark Warren, Founder and Chairman, eHarmony.com; former dean, School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

Newton Malony is an internationally recognized pioneer in the application of religious principles to clinical practice and research. He is capable, like few others, of bridging professional differences and arriving at reasonable conclusions.
–Allen E. Bergin, Professor of Psychology, retired; coauthor, Spiritual Strategy for Counseling and Psychotherapy

For Newton Malony, psychology exists in the service of religion. With the histories of the Christian church and psychology as his backdrop, Malony holds fast to his religious values throughout this book, making a case for the relevance of Christianity to a broad range of issues in clinical psychology.
–Gordon Nagayama-Hall, Professor of Psychology, University of Oregon; author, Multicultural Psychology

Newton Malony was a major force in reinventing the psychology of religion during the second half of the twentieth century. This book highlights his contribution to clinical psychology in Christian context. Malony’s ideas go a long distance and this book is a wonderful collection and culmination of them.
–Raymond F. Paloutzian, editor, International Journal for the Psychology of Religion; coeditor, Handbook of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

This excellent collection of Malony’s contributions to the integration of Christian faith and clinical psychology provides a rich and indispensable resource for scholars and students interested in psychology and the religious quest. Writing over many years about complex matters of emotional health and spiritual life, he has given us a gift that is accessible, enjoyable and deeply relevant.
–Winston E. Gooden, Dean, School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

What a treat it is to recommend this really solid collection that represents more than four decades of creative engagement with key issues in applied and professional psychology, effective ministry in the context of the local church, and some really fascinating musings by a senior spokesperson in the field.
–Richard Butman, Professor of Psychology, Wheaton College; coeditor, Modern Psychotherapies: A Christian Appraisal